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Invoicing – Template & Logo

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Service Description

Startitup specializes in providing professional invoicing services tailored for businesses seeking customized templates with logos. We assist in creating personalized invoicing templates that reflect your brand identity, streamlining your invoicing process.

Our Services Include:

  • Design personalized templates with your logo and branding for a consistent, professional look.
  • Standard and Premium plans include complimentary setup of Zohoo Invoice for streamlined invoicing.
  • Premium plan offers creation of the first 10 invoices to kickstart your invoicing process.
  • Swift delivery of customized templates and setup services as per the selected plan.


Basic Plan

1 Invoicing Template with Logo – Editable Word File

The Basic Plan offers a single customized invoicing template in an editable Word file format. Ideal for businesses needing a simple yet professional invoicing solution.

Standard Plan

1 Invoicing Template with Logo – Free Invoice System Setup (Zohoo)

The Standard Plan includes a customized invoicing template along with complimentary setup of Zohoo Invoice, a user-friendly invoicing system. Perfect for businesses seeking a comprehensive invoicing solution with added convenience.

Premium Plan

1 Invoicing Template with Logo – Free Invoice System Setup (Zohoo) + Initial 10 invoices

The Premium Plan offers a customized invoicing template, setup of Zohoo Invoice, and creation of the first 10 invoices. Ideal for businesses looking for a complete invoicing solution to kickstart their invoicing process seamlessly.

How does the invoicing service work with Startitup?

Startitup assists in creating customized invoicing templates with your logo and branding elements. For Standard and Premium plans, we also provide setup assistance for Zohoo Invoice, a comprehensive invoicing system.

Customized invoicing templates help enhance your brand identity and professionalism. They provide a consistent look across all your invoices, reinforcing brand recognition and credibility with your clients.

Yes, you can use your existing logo for the invoicing templates. Simply provide us with your logo file, and we'll incorporate it into the design of your customized templates.

Upon setup, you'll receive login credentials for Zohoo Invoice along with instructions for accessing and using the system. Zohoo Invoice offers a user-friendly interface for creating, sending, and managing invoices, helping you streamline your invoicing process effectively.

Yes, our team can customize the layout and fields of the invoicing templates to align with your specific business requirements. Whether you need to include additional fields, rearrange the layout, or incorporate specific details, we ensure that the templates are tailored to meet your invoicing needs.

The customized invoicing templates will be delivered in commonly used file formats such as Microsoft Word (.docx) or PDF (.pdf), ensuring compatibility with different software applications and ease of use for your business.

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  1. okashaowaisfi
    April 2, 2024

    Great Work!

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